Cheap Flip Mirror

Cheap Flip Mirror for Imaging

Whitepeak Observatory Tacoma, WA

I found I needed a flip mirror but couldn't believe how much they want for them!! (150$?! :o )--so, what to do? I had a couple of old stock junk diagonals laying around in a box--figured maybe I could just make one. Only thing I had to buy was a piece of brass roundstock to make a hingepin. Here's the story in pictures:

All you need:

razor knife

1)Use knife to carefully separate two pieces of diagonal box.

2)Take out mirror and dremel out the interior mirror support.

3) Cut a hole (align carefully) in back of case for second eyepiece holder (for imager) and superglue onto case.

4) Cut stock mirror to 38mm x 40mm--this entails cutting 14mm off the long axis of the mirror.

5) Drill holes for brass hinge pin, aligning carefully.

6) epoxy mirror onto hingepin (38mm axis)

7) Assemble and test movement. Adjust clearances and glue box back together.

8) Trim off excess hinge pin on the one side and bend other side into 'crank' and trim. Attach knob (I used a lampknob)

9) Get a plastic lid about 1" in diameter, cut a quarter circle strip and glue on case. Locate and dremel detent slots for full up and 45degrees. Make sure strip is higher than the rod so it will snap down into the detents.

10) Enjoy not having to fuss a round just to get an object in your imager's FOV anymore!

It works just great. It's probably not good enough for super serious imaging but it suits the messing around I do perfectly. (and you can't beat the price!)

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