Whitepeak Observatory, Tacoma, WA

The Lunar South Pole

The towering peaks (~20,000ft high) of the Leibnitz range very clearly defined on the lunar horizon-- *part* of the over 4 billion year old South Pole-Aitken basin, the biggest, deepest impact crater found in the whole solar system (so far anyway)! Evidently all the ejecta evidence of this most ancient impact have been throughly buried by later impact events/basin formations, the most recent of which is the Tycho impact, clearly spreading it's rays across this area. Also, this is the site of the end of the ill-fated Lunar Prospector mission, ending it's days in a crash somewhere around the Malapert depression.

This area is also supposed to be the #1 site for a future lunar base. With the conmbination of 'eternal' light on the peaks (for energy) and the eternal darkness of the depressions (possibly affording a water supply) this is touted as "the" place for the next evolution of lunar exploration/settlement. Perhaps one day a future astronomer will be observing this area trying to glimpse the lights of the base located there!

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