Discovery Awaits


Traveling Oceans of Time, The Universe Slowly Reveals Itself – Every Day We Learn a little more.

An image of a spiral galaxy in space as it appears tilted to the left amongst the stars and other distant galaxies.

Each day, light reaches Earth for the very first time, having traveled vast distances hard to comprehend. Each wavelength of light brings us a little closer to a better understanding of the universe.


The Night Sky is where it becomes Real

An image of two stargazers, male and female, standing in front of an optical device on a tripod, overlooking a valley into the starry night sky.

Gazing into the night sky can be an experience like no other. Its enormity and beauty can offer a feeling of connecting with the cosmos. Once you discover which star, planet, or galaxy you are looking at, it can change you. It isn’t a picture. It’s right there in the sky. It becomes real.


Hitting the Road in Search of More Astronomy

An image with the perception of the viewer driving down a desert highway during the evening with a crescent Moon in the sky.

There are many places to discover new experiences with space and astronomy, such as Observatories, Planetariums, and Dark Sky locations. We’ll travel lots of roads in search of more astronomy.

Outer Limits

Anything Goes – Space Related

This image collages many space-related things, such as space movie posters, star apps, astronomy podcast signs, space-themed songs, model rockets, and more.

Let’s meet in the outer limits of astronomy and talk about everything and anything “space-themed.” Movies, books, space missions, meteorites, collectibles the list is endless.

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