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An image of the milky way's light over the Nevada desert sky. How many years in a light year for the Milky Way's light to reach us.

How Many Years
in a Light-Year?
Time vs. Distance

Join us while we unpack the interesting aspects and misconceptions of a light-year.

An image of a total solar eclipse with its corona exposed.

Total Solar Eclipse: The 5 Solar Eclipse Stages

A Total Eclipse of the Sun happens over several hours. Learn about this awe-inspiring event and its Five Stages from beginning to end.

An image of total solar eclipse seen above the clouds.

What is a Solar Eclipse?
Unveiling the Mystery

“What is a Solar Eclipse?” Let’s unveil the mystery and expose the science, beauty, and thrill of witnessing this fantastic event.

An image of a person operating space ship as the stars begin to warp from the effects of light speed.

How Long Would it Take to Travel One Light-Year?

We discuss the fascinating realm of space exploration, the concept of light-years and the time it would take to traverse these cosmic distances.

An image of a shooting star racing over the forest tree line.

What is a Shooting Star? Falling Stars Explained

In this article we explain what a Shooting star is and where they come from.

An image of six Moons in various colors.

What Color is The Moon?

Find out what color the Moon REALLY is and why it can look different from night to night.

Gibbous Moon in a dark night sky.

What is a Gibbous Moon?

Discover why this lesser known phase called the Gibbous Moon is a great time to observe the lunar surface.

An image of a moon crater close up.

Calibrated Crater Sequenced Images

These charts can be used to assess resolution during visual observation.

An image of the Cassini Moon crater.

Cassini and The Valley – Crash or Splash

Discussing the origins of the Cassini Crater. Crash or Splash?

An image of multiple Moon craters describing the Littrow area of the Moon.

Guide: Littrow to the Lake of Death

Exploring four regions of the Moon’s lunar surface from Littrow to the Lake of Death

An image of a medievel drawing of the Moon.

Ptolemy’s Lunar Neighborhood

In this article we will explore the area surrounding the Moon crater Ptolemaeus.

An image of Humboldt Crater on the Moon.

Examining Humboldt Crater and Environs

We will take a look at the Imbrium crater Humboldt near the nascient evening terminator.

An image of the astronomers - The Pickering brothers.

A Tale of Two Brothers and Their Craters

The Lunar Crater Pickering and Messier A have an interesting and uniquely interwoven history.

An illustration demonstrating aspects to magnification and aperture.

Magnification and Aperture

We discuss how far an observer can expect to be able to see through nominal seeing levels.

An illustration demonstrating aspects to resolution and Magnification.

Resolution & Magnification

This article is divided into two parts, “Resolution Limits” and “Magnification Contrast and the Human Eye”.

An illustration charting aspects to achromatic refractors.

Achromatic Refractors

This chart provides an outline for the equivalent chromatic aberration of achromatic refractors.