Stargazing – Observing the night sky

In this stargazing section, you will find tips and resources on how to watch the night sky. We will cover what you can see with the naked eye, where to look, and how to use a telescope. New articles will be added often.

You will be amazed at what you can see!

An image of a shooting star racing across the sky over a treeline.

What is a Shooting Star?

In this article we will discover what a Shooting star is and what causes them to happen.

An image of meteor shower happening over a mountain range.

12 Meteor Showers To Stay Up Late For In (2024)

We’ll discuss 12 of the best meteor showers to see in 2024. Including dates, how to watch, what to expect and a little history.

An image of six Moons in various colors.

The Many Colors of the Moon..Explained

Discover why the Moon will appear in different colors and its true color.

An image of the sun setting behind the mountain off the coast of Seattle, Washington.

How long after Sunset Does it Get Dark?

Discover why your location and the time of year has a big impact on the time it takes to get dark.

An image of the Sun rising in the distant over the horizon. The sun's rays shooting forward towards the angle of the viewer observing it.

Dawn vs Dusk:
Comparison of the two twilight periods

Both equally important spans of twilight residing on opposite sides of the day. Learn their key differences and similarities.

An image of the sun traversing the horizon.

Sunrise to Sunset:
The Direction of our Sun Explained

Learn how Earth’s rotation and axial tilt guide the Sun’s path across our skies, determining its rising and setting directions and more.

an image of a sunrise and sunset with the image of an hour glass in the middle of the image. CityAstronomy.com is in the bottom left corner of the image.

Sunrise and Sunset:
How long do they both last?

Learn about the four main factors that determine how long your sunrise or sunset experience will last.

A country field scene under a night sky with constellations appearing in amongst the stars.

A Stargazing Guide:
8 Easy to Find Constellations

Explore the night sky with our beginner-friendly guide to constellations. Simple tips and clear diagrams.