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In this part of the site we will discuss everything related to space that does not fit into the other main menu categories. Such as music, movies, space commerce etc.

If you have anything specific of interest, contact us and let us know!

A woman sits on a rock overlooking a canyon staring up into the night sky at the Milky Way as one star shines brightest of all.

What is a Birthday Star?

The starlight of a Birthday Star has finally arrived through oceans of space. Learn How & Where to find your Birthday Star.

A picture of hundreds of floating 5 pointed star decorative stickers.

Symbolism of Stars

Discover the profound and enduring symbolism of stars, from their roots in ancient cultures to their ongoing significance in modern times.

A picture of a crescent moon upon the dark background of the night sky. Lets look at the crescent moon symbol spiritual meaning.

The Crescent Moon’s Symbolic and Spiritual Meanings

Learn all the symbolic and spiritual meanings to this magical phase of the Moon, the Crescent.

A Celtic inspired design representing the symbolic and spiritual meaning of a solar eclipse. Includes golden circular images of the Sun and Moon overlaid repeatedly within one another.

Solar Eclipse: Its Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning

Discover the impact of solar eclipses on myths, art, and culture, revealing their spiritual and symbolic significance across historical and modern eras.